‘Intelligent design should work on every level. Of course, there is an aesthetic consideration, but we can never overlook comfort, warmth and practicality. Our clients live in homes, not show-houses’.

About Lucy


In the eleven years since forming Wildcroft Interiors Lucy Hogan has been helping homeowners to realise their dreams for comfort and style. With a sharp eye for detail and an easy communication style, Lucy is renowned for her keen understanding of colour, space and quality, skills that have been called upon for projects of all sizes across Surrey and the Home Counties.


Organisation skills developed over many years in Project Management allow Lucy to ‘pull everything together’ on even the most complex projects, a talent appreciated by clients and those that work with her.

Lucy is part of a network of trusted design professionals and trade suppliers each committed to sharing advice, information and contacts, this network of contacts helps enormously with sourcing hard to find products and specialist manufacturers.


‘I like to think that we can locate the more unusual items that often make all the difference to a design, finding the unfindable and buying at the right price is a very enjoyable part of my job and is certainly appreciated by Wildcroft Interiors clients’

Our Philosophy

It seems rather odd for a small interior design company to have ‘a philosophy’, indeed we thought long and hard about including it here, for fear of appearing pretentious.

However, whether we choose to call it a mission statement, set of values, our beliefs or even a way of thinking, we do have a firm idea of how we like to work and it is our opinion that it helps us to describe why Wildcroft Interiors is special.

  •  Every client is unique and every opinion will be respected.

  • Every commission is important and we will offer the same service regardless of size and stature.

  • We will communicate clearly and honestly throughout the design consultancy process and beyond where required.

  • We will pay our staff and suppliers appropriately, on-time, every time.

  • We will provide the best service possible at an agreed fair price, any additional costs will be discussed and agreed and there will be no 'surprises’.

  • Our word is our bond.


This is how we work and we are proud of the success that our approach has delivered. Clients are our business and we are committed to maintaining high standards in every aspect of our service.


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